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Aminat Adewole, MPH


Aminat is a passionate advocate for addressing public health challenges, particularly those affecting adolescents and young people. Her commitment to this cause led her to volunteer with the Youth Empowerment Foundation, where she dedicated a year of service as a program volunteer. In this role, she inspired and empowered young girls, equipping them with knowledge and life skills to lead positive lives.

Currently, Aminat serves as an HIV Prevention Coordinator at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a prominent non-governmental organization focused on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care. In her role, she leads efforts to expand access to comprehensive HIV prevention services for diverse communities, including hard-to-reach populations.

When she’s not actively engaged in youth motivation or strategizing to tackle public health issues, Aminat enjoys her leisure time by listening to music, reading novels, and creating crafts and fashion items. She hails from Irewole Local Government in Osun State, Nigeria.

Educationally, Aminat holds a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) from the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, earned in 2015, and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education (B.Sc. Ed) from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, obtained in 2011. You can connect with her on LinkedIn as Aminat Adewole.

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