Board of Directors

Ayomide Adeyemi, MD

Community Outreach

Ayomide Adeyemi stands as an exceptional and compassionate individual, achieving high  honors at the prestigious VN Karazin Kharkiv National University in Ukraine, with a well deserved Magna Cum Laude in her medical degree. Her commitment to aiding underserved  individuals, especially children, sparked during her early volunteer work in the church’s  children’s department. 

As an aspiring resident in the USA, Ayomide is steadfast in using her  skills and expertise to make a positive impact in people’s lives, guided by her strong belief that  proper healthcare should be accessible to everyone. Her finely honed ability to connect with  people, cultivated through her experiences in customer service and relations, equips Ayomide  to provide essential support and care to those in need. 

Beyond her professional endeavors, her  family brings her immense joy. She is happily married to an exceptional partner and takes pride  in being a loving parent to two delightful children. This joy fuels her unwavering dedication to  ensuring the well-being and happiness of other families within her community.

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