Advisory Board

Dr Adeoye Oluwatosin

Member, Advisory Board

Dr. Oluwatosin Adeoye is an accomplished Public Health Physician with over a decade of experience. He is well-versed in health program management, infectious disease control, reproductive health, and nutrition. With expertise in research and implementation science, he has published research articles in prestigious journals and served as a peer reviewer.

Dr. Adeoye’s career spans government and non-government organizations, managing donor-funded projects. Currently a Senior Technical Specialist in the Research, Measurement, and Evaluation Unit at the Society for Family Health, he’s dedicated to improving healthcare.

As a board member of SANDEF, Dr. Adeoye brings invaluable expertise to our mission of providing free healthcare, food aid, and mental health awareness to rural communities. His experience and commitment make him a key asset in driving our organization’s success.

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