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SANDEF brings together a diverse set of stakeholders to take on some of the prominent issues of hunger and poor access to healthcare. Our corporate partnership links the enterpreneurial spirit of the private sector with our goals and objectives.

Corporate entities recognize the value of investing resources in strategic causes and the SANDEF is a platform for the corporate community to express their corporate social responsibility by giving back to their society. We are therefore soliciting for Corporate entities to join the SANDEF as Corporate Partners, working together to solve hunger problems in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Mode of Partnership:

  1. – Have a matching gift policy in your company.
  2. – Support SANDEF’s  food aid and distribution programmes.
  3. – Involve your company through corporate social responsibility and employee engagement by volunteering to work in SANDEF.

Benefits of SANDEF to Organizations:

  1. – We create an avenue for your organization to showcase your CSR activities through our active social media presence on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.
  2. – We provide more Visibility of your brand on our social media page to thousands of people.
  3. – We create an avenue for interested staff in your organisation to volunteer their time for humanitarian works and also providing an opportunity for your staff to have an interface with the indigent public outside the walls of the office environment.
  4. – Giving back to your community through SANDEF will help your organisation build stronger relationships with your existing customers and gain new ones.
  5. – By supporting a SANDEF, your business is spreading the word about your values and intentions, and helping you get introduced to new customers who are passionate about what we do.

The health sector in Nigeria (Africa’s most populous nation) is indeed big with a global influence with thousands of active private practitioners in the sector. SANDEF is looking for opportunities of partnering with stakeholders in the healthcare system to provide access to their medical facilities based on MOUs and agreements that would be reviewed overtime. From medical doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers.

Mode of Partnership:

  • – Donate towards SANDEF Healthcare Scheme.
  • – Volunteer in our Healthcare Outreach and SNAP Programs.
  • – Show your support for SANDEF by registering your Pharmacy, Clinic or Hospital with us.
  • – Allow your staffs to volunteer to engage our beneficiaries in communities during SANDEF’s campaign, activities and outreach programs.

For us at SANDEF, we believe that through targeted collaborations, we can do more to achieve a zero hunger by 2030. Beyond meeting the immediate needs of our targeted beneficiaries, we welcome other forms of partnerships with individuals and corporate bodies to achieve the following:

– Provide free access to registered healthcare facilities to poor communities.
– Sponsor or put an indigent family on food scholarship for a specific period of time for steady food collection from the food banks.
– Provision of learning materials for children with special needs.
– Pay hospital bills for the poor in different general hospitals.
– Provide Sanitary pads for girls/ Promotion of sexual health and Prevention of STDs awareness campaign and supply of condoms.
– Provide nutritional supplements to Pregnant Women to sustain them through the pregnancy cycle.
– Set up small scale businesses for widows and extremely indigent women in Lagos slums and support for skill acquisition.
– Provide Mosquito Nets to vulnerable Families living in the slum.
– Clean up slums and provide waste bins for sustainable and healthy environment.
– Provide Cooking Stoves to households in the slums.
– Provide post-delivery items to nursing mothers.
– Provide lunch through food vouchers to selected poor children in different public schools for a specific period of time. Food vendors in schools are paid in advance.
– Provide clothing to families living in the slum. Second hand clothing are purchased at a very reduced rate from a local market and distributed to children and their parents in the slum.
– Register teenage girls for skill acquisition training and empowerment.

SANDEF is seeking the partnership of the Inter-Governmental bodies, Federal and State Government in security access to Government-owned or –controlled facilities, logistics and delivery support systems that may be available and are appropriate for the use of food banking and healthcare aid. Capital investment in SANDEF programs and in the development of Local Government Area Food Banks projects.

The Government can also provide funding for SANDEF to hire and manage staffs that will assist the Communities who are interested, committed and qualified to create a Food Bank, and finally to further assist our proposed Local Government Area Food Banks by working with SANDEF in securing facilities needed to operate the Food Banks, as may be available and appropriate.  Also, we have also identified what the Government stand to benefit from a public private partnership with SANDEF as outlined below:

Benefits of SANDEF to the Government:

  • – It will enhance availability and security of food to people who lack the financial resources needed to secure commercial access to quality healthcare services and adequate nutrition.
  • – It will encourage private sector participation and donation to reach the downtrodden.
  • – It is a novel initiative that brings government closer to the people. Shows the government as people oriented and sensitive to the plight of the ordinary citizens.
  • – It will create job opportunities by direct employment into the various SANDEF Zones in each Local Government Areas.
  • – It will reduce crime as most crimes are motivated by hopelessness and not knowing where the next meal will come from.
  • – It will create opportunities for individuals to render volunteer services.
  • – Government can render disaster relief assistance with the existing food bank and healthcare access structure provided by SANDEF.
  • – SANDEF will work closely with Beneficiary Organizations that address the Unique needs of mal-nourished mothers and children suffering from abject poverty etc.
  • – Government’s partnership with SANDEF will enable Government cater for the most vulnerable without being overwhelmed by the administrative stress of running the structure.
  • – It is another form of public private partnership with a charitable cause for all.
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